A Message for the New Year

Everyone, I would like to wish you a happy New Year! The few weeks I have spent on WordPress have been wonderful! I would like to thank everyone who has viewed my blog in the past and everyone who is viewing for the first time. I want to thank my followers, and those of you who have nominated me for awards! Thank you so much!

I am proud to report that, as of today, all my college applications are finished! Now I wait. I will keep you updated on what happens! Let’s hope for the best. What this means is that I will have much more time to blog and time to respond to those generous nominations (thank you again!). More essays, more poetry, and maybe even a few posts about my life.

I also thought that a fun way to start off the new year would be to let you guys choose what my next post would be about, so I will be putting up a poll tomorrow that I will leave up for the next few days and you can decide what I post about! Have a happy New Year everyone! Thank you for reading!

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