The stars didn’t shine as bright tonight
The wind didn’t whistle as sweetly
The clouds painted pictures of discord and torment
As my front door closed discreetly

I set out along that crooked path
Hoping to once more feel whole
There were only two things I stood to lose
My sanity and my soul

I was sitting out on the curb like trash
Critiquing the universe
While a fire built up inside of me
Until finally it burst

Maniacally laughing I turned and went home
With a frightening twinkle in my eye
Suddenly I knew not what to do
Should I yell or should I cry?

What of those two things you ask?
Those things I stood to lose?
Well you’ll just have to wait and watch
The mayhem that pursues…



Some late nights I pray

For a peace that never comes

I pray like raindrops

In present and past

This, the bounty of regret

I am an ember

Morning breaks like fire

For the hollow souls beneath