Rain Fall

As the rain gently falls like heaven to the Earth
I run to the streets for my rebirth
My heart is soothed, my soul is cleansed
And I know all will be ok when the storm finally ends.


Since the beginning of time thunderstorms have been regarded as the work of gods. Is the demon Raijin striking powerful drums in the sky, or is the mighty Thor locked in battle with the evil beings of Jotunheim, or is it simply the result of varying atmospheric pressures, water particles, and electrical discharge? Only one thing is for sure, the power of a thunderstorm is no less awe-inspiring today than it was thousands of years ago. My desire as a student is that I can fully embody not only the timeless power of the storm but also the soothing touch of rain.

On a dark and stormy night, the first thing to grab your attention is lightning. As a streak of fire races across the sky like a chariot, one can’t help but stare in wonderment as to what could have caused this awesome display of power. It is this sense of wonder I wish to create with my actions. My goal, whether at school or on my own, is to always search for the deepest level of understanding, then to use that knowledge to create an impact on the world. Everything I do serves to inspire others to act. I believe that the biggest obstacle between being a reactive person and a proactive person is awareness. It is because of this that I always push myself to the breaking point; I will always seek to be the light among the darkness.

The flash of lightning is inspiring, yes, but it is nothing without the resounding boom of thunder behind it. Lightning is simply the herald to Thunder, king of the blackened skies. Thunder can be heard from miles around, with a booming voice, he proclaims his power in a way that all can understand. It is this ability, to be universally understood, that I pursue. If I am to make any valuable change in the world, I can not do it alone. I must be able to gather all those around me and speak with the clarity and the conviction necessary to warrant action. A thunderstorm will roll across the entire country with enough momentum, sparking smaller storms as it goes, and I only hope that I have what it takes to do the same.

Though many would associate thunderstorms with destruction and loss, one must always remember that rain is often needed to foster new growth. It is the juxtaposition between the shock and awe that comes from thunder and lightning and the soft pitter-patter of rain drops that I most admire. Lightning is necessary to grab one’s attention, and thunder is necessary to proclaim change, but I have yet to address exactly what kind of impact it is that I wish to make. To quote an anonymous poet, “Rain slowly falls like Heaven to the Earth, I run to the streets for my rebirth, The heart is soothed, The soul is cleansed, And I know that all will be good, When the storm finally ends.” I want to provide a similar feeling for all the world. For too long has the heart of man been in an insufferable draught, and only with the rejuvenation that rain provides can passion sprout again.

They say that if you count the seconds between the moment lightning strikes and when you hear the thunder roar, then you can know how far away the rain is. If this is true, then may I always live my life in the eye of the storm. I wish for there to never be a moment of inaction, never for there to be a moment of indecision, and never again for there to be another moment of suffering. I wish for the flash of my individual actions to be enlightening, for the deep rolling boom of my influence be long-lasting, and, most importantly, for the thousands of raindrops I leave behind to be exactly what this world needed.